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It all started back on 28 October 1978 when Athanasios Petropoulos and Dimitra Papadopoulos opened their restaurant on the corner of the Chaussée de Louvain and Rue Victor Hugo in Schaerbeek. The couple, which used to run a café located at Chaussée d’Anvers, stemmed from the community that had come to Belgium to work in the Limburg mines. For his part, Athanasios came to Belgium to buy a motorcycle and never left…
Thanks to the quality of the products that the couple offered, as well as the likeable approach, Athanasios and Dimitra were able to win the heart of a clientele as loyal as it was numerous.

It was the time when, after memorable holidays, Belgians liked to rediscover, in an informal manner, a generous and affordable cuisine served in a rather folkloric setting at times, but which made people dream of broken plates and sirtaki… All of Brussels came by to spend an evening at Poseidon teeming with good cheer and fun.


The years passed, however, and some four decades later, the couple was keen on a well deserved rest. The question then arose what would become of their restaurant. That is when their daughter decided to take the helm. Well aware that the expectations of the clientele have changed, she decided to modernise the décor, based on the style of fine contemporary brasseries, as well as the menu, whilst retaining the great classic dishes that made the restaurant’s reputation. She hired a young Athenian chef who earned his stripes at the best Greek restaurants, but also opened up the establishment’s gourmet repertoire to more Franco-Belgian specialities to meet the expectations of customers who are less keen on the exotic dimension.
And thus, entirely modernised without sacrificing its soul, Poseidon has decidedly joined the ranks of contemporary Brussels gastronomy.

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